Our base in West Yorkshire is the beautiful village of Slaithwaite, the only village in the UK with a canal running alongside the high street. With a population of just under 3000 it was recently voted as the best place to live in the north in a poll in The Times.

Nestled in the colne valley surrounded by the south pennines, in Slaithwaite you are never far from a scenic walk or a cafe with locally roasted coffee. The village is thriving with talented artists, creatives and independent shops, here are 10 of our favourite places, we’ve given links to websites and instagram so that you can check them out:


Empire House: our home in slaithwaite. A business members club/co-working hub with office space to rent upstairs and co-working spaces downstairs along with meeting rooms and a lounge area. This is where you will find us on Fridays writing newsletters and journals and if you want to discuss a bespoke project we will greet you here. Housed in a former town hall it’s a beautiful Victorian building just down the road from the train station making it a great base for businesses with contacts and staff in Leeds and Manchester. As it’s a members club you can’t just turn up but they do offer day and free passes and host events that are open to non-members including book clubs, supper clubs and food pop ups, seasonal markets, talks and social events and they have different spaces that can be hired for private parties, photo shoots etc. Empire House Website Empire House Instagram

a photograph of Empire House at nighttime                        a photograph of the inside of Empire House showing the seating area with blue and cream armchairs and low tables

The gallery: our 2nd home in slaithwaite! The Gallery is a hub of local talent, curating and selling locally made art, furniture, jewellery, clothing, home ware and products. It’s where you will find our products to buy and you can smell our blends and candles. If you need a gift this is your one stop shop as they really do have something for every one, a good selection of prices and they even sell cards and gift wrap. Instagram

a photograph of the outside of The Gallery showing its black lowercase signage above a double window displaying pictures in frames. To the right of the window a trellis fitted to the wall has green plants growing up and to the left a defibrillator can be seen fixed to the wall A photograph showing a pink apron with a picture of a peacock is hanging on a rail. Behind it on the wall are two pictures, one of pink flowers in a glass jar, the other of a blue plate with two red apples on it

Anello: just a few doors along from the gallery is Anello, hands down the best pizza between here and Naples. Seriously. From the founders of the original Rudy’s Pizza in Manchester they create traditional and seasonal pizzas in house using locally grown produce. In a light, airy environment you can see the pizza dough being made, shaped and cooked in their pizza oven and choose from their additional small menu with the best arancini we have ever tasted. It’s a great place to take the kids, you can collect a takeaway and they host occasional events. Website  Anello Instagram  Anellopizza.co.uk Instagram.com/anellopizzeria

a photograph showing a cheese and broccoli pizza in front of a wood fired oven.

A new Leaf Book Shop: across the road from Anello you’ll find A New Leaf Book Shop selling a huge range of books from any genre you can think of. They have cosy areas where you can sit and read whilst enjoying a drink from their extensive menu along with a slice of cake or biscuits, it’s quickly becoming one of our favourite places. They also sell a range of gifts, can order you a book to be collected the next day and run weekly book clubs and occasional events. Website Instagram

a photograph showing a table stacked with books

Around the corner from anello is Zero for all your plastic free alternatives, weigh your own food and home basics and lots, lots more. What started as Jake driving around in his micra selling at markets evolved into “Englands tiniest zero waste shop” in Slaithwaite to where it is now, a fabulous, spacious shop where you can find pretty much everything to make you feel smug about doing your bit for our planet. Bonus, upstairs from Zero is Otso, a unisex clothing brand selling sustainable, nature inspired fashion for all the family. Collaborations with local artists and clothing and accessories manufactured to fair wear standards and screen printed in the village have made this a much loved brand both locally and further afield.Zero Website Instagram Otso Website Otso Instagram

a photograph of a large green chest with shelves. The top shelf has a line of bottles, the middle shelf has some boxes and jars and the bottom shelf has large jars half filled with different nuts, lentils and dried beans. a photograph of two hoodies, one orange, one green, hanging on a wall

Keep walking from Zero and you will find Dragonfly, pioneers of natural dog treats and food in the UK, creating their brand when they couldn’t find natural food for their family dog – read the about section on their website to find out more. If you have a dog Slaithwaite is a brilliant place to live or visit, there are lots and lots of amazing walks, including along the aforementioned canal where Dragonfly used to be based but had to move from as their business expanded. Knowledgeable staff will talk to you about raw foods for your dog, your furry friend/s will love the variety of natural treats, they offer a nail trimming clinic, harness fitting, holistic testing kits, accessories AND they have a dog play centre next door to the shop with a groomer and washing station. Website  Instagram

a photograph of a golden Labrador puppy eating a large chew. Shelves stacked with boxes can be seen in the background         a picture of a puppy chew variety pack on an orange background. Text around the packet of chews with arrows pointing to it says 'a mix of treats and chews' 'suitable for 8 weeks' rated 5 stars by verified customers' 'all natural products'

Curated By Anna: at the top of the road as you come into Slaithwaite you can not miss this stunning shop, a lifestyle store/café selling the tastiest cakes and savouries, including vegan and gluten free, with the best selection of house plants, homewares and gifts. If you love a natural, Japandi interior you will fall in love with Anna’s and it’s no surprise that people from far afield make pilgrimages and planned pit stops to shop for gifts (and accidentally add a little something for themselves) and get Anna’s advice on which house plant will thrive where, her knowledge is extensive. This is also the showroom for Stringer Brothers Upholsters, creators of boucle clad chairs, benches and footstools. The shop is just outside slaithwaite so park on Manchester Road or walk up from the village.Instagram

a photograph of Anna, the shops owner, wearing a black top and jacket with white trousers, standing in the doorway. The shop front is painted black and has Curated By Anna in white uppercase lettering above large windows. The shop is lit and you can see lots of green plants. a photograph showing the interior of the shop Curated By Anna. Shelves with stone vases and pots can be seen on shelves behind a cream curved sofa and a large, tall plant.shelves

Acorn & Pip: on slaithwaites high street you will find this kids’ concept store and café with an amazing range of non-plastic toys, clothes and useful things when you have children. They also have a café with excellent options for children (i.e. things they will actually eat) and some super tasty offerings for adults and a play area so that you can relax and browse the small homeware and wellbeing ranges available. Website Instagram

a black and white canopy shades two small square tables and chairs in front of a shop window displaying children's toys and a large inflatable white rabbit the inside of a shop with a sign saying magic hanging from the ceiling above tables stacked with toys, dolls and cards

A few doors along from acorn & pip is the green Valley Grocer, they were one of the first businesses, a local cooperative, to start the revival of Slaithwaite as an independently driven shopping source, supporting local businesses and growers. They sell a selection of fresh fruit and veg, locally made bread and condiments, vegan friendly and cooking from scratch ingredients and have the best fresh fish and cheese counter for a long way. Website Instagram

the front of a shop with vegetables in baskets stacked outside. The shop is lit up as it is starting to get dark a countertop with two baskets filled with mushrooms, a board with wedges of cheese, some packets of food and some bread

Wine: for an early evening meet up or pre anello drink – it’s just across the road – this is your spot. With a dazzling choice of good, well priced wine along with locally brewed beers and staff that are trained sommeliers, this is where you’ll often find us on a Friday evening chatting with other local business owners, it’s intimate and chilled vibe is perfect. They host regular events such as quiz nights (we’ve been part of two winning teams, our specialist subject is plants and herbs) and wine tasting evenings and cocktail making classes. What makes it even better is their excellent choice of snacks including cheese plates, charcuterie boards and…… truffle roast potatoes. We’re done, we have to go for some of those now!! Website Instagram

the front of a shop painted white with a blue sign above saying wine, spirits, cheese. The shop is lit and shelves and tables can be seen a board filled with slices of meat, cheese and bread artfully arranged with crackers, grapes and olives

There are so many more places that we could have mentioned, apologies to those that we haven’t, let us know in the comments if you visit any of our recommended places and any gems that we’ve missed out.