How you treat your candles really can make a difference to what they give you… put a candle on a window ledge and never trim it’s wick and you will get a candle that doesn’t hold it’s fragrance throw and burns away more quickly. Follow my tips to help you get the most from your candles.

Firstly there are two really important things to do the first time you light a new candle:

  1. trim the wick to .5cm – if the wick is too big your candle will burn too quickly.
  2. ensure that the wax melts right to the edges – the melt pool – this usually takes about 3 hours on a first burn and will prevent your candle tunnelling during future burns (leaving a thick layer of wax unburnt around the edges) that’s a big old waste of money and candle!

Try to use a candle snuffer or lid to put your candle out rather than blowing it out, blowing can make the wax set unevenly and that will lead to an uneven burn next time.

If your candle has one (ours all do) put a lid on it when you’re not burning it, this will help to preserve the strength of the oils and give you a better scent throw.

Before you light your candle always trim the wick to .5cm to prevent it burning too quickly. You can use nail clippers or your fingernail but a proper wick trimmer will do the job better and catches the cut wick to stop it falling into your candle. Anything that falls into your candle can act as an extra wick and you know what too much wick will do!

Try to keep your candle clean – another good reason for the lid – to prevent that ‘additional wick.’ Our cotton wicks are specially made to have a mushrooming effect – as it burns the cotton unfurls rather than burning away and dropping into the wax and it just needs cutting down before you light it next time.

Burn your candle away from draughts and don’t leave it somewhere sunny when it’s not lit.

Follow these tips and your candles will give you a long lasting burn and scent throw!