Baby Massage

Learn how to massage your baby in a supportive, baby & parent led environment. Baby massage has been a longstanding parenting tradition in many cultures & has been introduced to & gained in popularity in the western world over the last 30 years. Much research has been carried out that shows both the short & long term benefits of baby massage to the child themselves & the community. 

Benefits of Baby Massage

For Baby…

  • Helps your baby to feel securely attached, loved, valued & respected
  • Relaxes & calms, reducing emotional distress & crying
  • Stimulates the circulation, digestive, nervous & lymphatic systems
  • Develops body awareness & co-ordination
  • Increases recognition of facial &  emotional expressions
  • Develops social skills & emotional health & development
  • Relief from colic, wind, constipation & teething

For Parents…

  • An opportunity to spend quality one-to-one time with your baby
  • Helps with bonding & feeling closer to your baby
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your baby’s behaviour, crying & body language
  • Learn a life long skill that can be used at home & shared with other family members
  • Enjoy the relaxation & share the calming benefits with your baby
  • Research has shown that baby massage can help with post natal depression

About the Course
Accredited with The International Association of Infant Massage the course combines Indian & Swedish massage techniques with gentle yoga inspired stretches & reflexology principles. Baby massage is suitable from birth to crawling & can easily be adapted for babies born prematurely or with disabilities

The 6 week course involves gradual learning & practice of the massage & discussions about baby related topics such as development stages, tummy problems & how to treat them, aromatherapy & reflexology for babies…

The course fee of £60 is payable in advance and includes a tote bag with massage booklet and a bottle of organic sunflower massage oil.

Courses can also be arranged for groups & held at your chosen venue/home & one-to-one private appointments are also available. Please enquire for more info.

Please bring with you the following:

  • Your baby’s usual changing bag with nappies, wipes, nappy sacs etc.
  • 2 towels or blankets that can be used for your baby to lie on & be supported with
  • Anything that you need to feed your baby (we can warm bottles for you)
  • if your baby has eczema & you would prefer to use their cream please bring that along
  • Please wear something comfortable as we will be sitting on the floor to carry out the massage. I advise that you avoid wearing scarves and jewellery that could dangle onto and be grabbed by your baby.

I don’t have any courses running at the moment, please contact me for further information.

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